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Benefits From Having Window Tint

Privacy - Without tint people can easily see items of value in your automobile, home or business. This can make it more tempting for thieves to steal from you.

Block UV Rays - Window tint can block up to 99% of the sun harmful UV rays that can accelerate skin damage and cause skin cancer. 

Shattered Glass Protection - The safety benefit of installing window film is designed to keep glass from shattering if a object hits it. This could be from an auto accident or a storm, Thieves also find it hard to break tinted windows.

Solar Heat Rejection - Depending on the type of automotive window film (Ceramic or Carbon) this film can block from 35 -65% solar heat that builds up in a automobile. Window tint on a home or business will definitely help with comfort and electrical cost.

Interior Fade Reduction - Window tint protects upholstery from fading and cracking. This will keep your automobile looking new longer.

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